Stay positive.

Focus on the team’s goals and possibilities. Don’t avoid talking about obstacles to success. Talk about how to overcome them.

Avoid expressing negative emotions.

When someone admits a mistake, be grateful. People only admit mistakes when they aren’t afraid that they’ll be blamed for them. Work with them to figure out why the mistakes were made and how to avoid them in the future.

Instead of criticising substandard results, help your teammates find ways to improve the team’s performance.

When someone criticizes you, listen. Then thank them. All you do if you object to criticism is make the person who criticized you reluctant to tell you about the next mistake they see you make.

If you have a strong difference of opinion with someone on your team, resolve it privately. If that doesn’t work, get a third party – a skilled mediator who’s not on the team – to help you. If you still can’t resolve your differences, one of you may have to leave the team. Be open to the possibility that that person might be you.

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