Avoid unnecessary meetings.

I recommend that you not hold weekly (or biweekly, or monthly) meetings to “get an update on everyone’s status and talk about how things are going.”

Good reasons for meetings:

1. To make decisions and solve problems

2. To develop trust, rapport, and esprit de corps

Bad reasons for meetings:

Anything else

You can track progress in any area by posting charts that show how you’ve been doing in that area over time. ┬áPost the charts in public areas, and on websites and electronic bulletin boards.

You can disseminate other information by posting it on websites and bulletin boards, or by sending it out via email.

Question-and-answer sessions can make good meetings if they build trust, rapport, and esprit de corps.

Celebrations are great for developing rapport and esprit de corps.

See if you can think of other reasons to have meetings, good or bad, and see if you can find more effective ways to get the results that the meetings are supposed to produce.

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