About Me

I’m a former US Army Special Forces Team Leader.  I’ve spent most of my time since I left the Army leading small teams of technical professionals in Europe, Asia, and the United States.  I’ve led a number of teams that developed highly innovative, superbly reliable products.

Around 30 years ago I began to realize that although I seemed to have a talent for leadership, and seemed to gravitate naturally toward leadership of the people I worked with, I didn’t really know how to lead.  That realization motivated me to begin an intensive study of the art and science of leadership.

Over the years I’ve read dozens of books on the subject, attended workshops, and sought out mentors who could help me learn how to lead better.  I’ve put a condensed version of what I’ve learned into a book entitled Ways to Lead, which I refer to on this website’s home page.  I hope to expand on the ideas in the book in the blog on this site, and I hope that you’ll help me do that by commenting on my blog posts with your questions and ideas.  I also hope you enjoy reading the book and the posts on this site.